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Port Authorities Join Forces in Climate Action Program
Posted by SuperAdmin at September 18, 2018
Port Authorities Join Forces in Climate Action Program
Posted by SuperAdmin, September 18, 2018

Under the World Ports Climate Action Program, the parties will be working together on a number of projects that address the issue of global warming.

“The Paris Agreement has set a clear target: we need to limit global warming to well below 2°C. It is vital in this context to reduce the emissions generated by maritime transport. As critical hubs in the global maritime transport network, I am convinced that ports can make a significant contribution,” Allard Castelein, President & Chief Executive Officer at Port of Rotterdam, said.

“I am pleased to see that international port authorities have taken on a leading role in this area, committing to collaborative projects that can further advance the decarbonization of the maritime transport sector.”

The World Ports Climate Action Program focuses on increasing efficiency of supply chains using digital tools; advancing common and ambitious (public) policy approaches aimed at reducing emissions within larger geographic areas; and accelerating development of in-port renewable power-2-ship solutions and other zero emission solutions.

Other focuses include accelerating the development of commercially viable sustainable low-carbon fuels for maritime transport and infrastructure for electrification of ship propulsion systems and accelerating efforts to fully decarbonize cargo-handling facilities in the ports.

The Port Authority organisations are calling upon the shipping industry and other ports to join the commitment to deliver on the Paris Agreement. They are also asking governments and regulators to adopt global – or, at the very least, international – policies for CO2 pricing and provide funding support to relevant R&D and pilot projects.

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