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Special and Large Tonnage Capacity Cargo
Special and Large Tonnage Capacity Cargo

We are a legal entity which has a license as shipping company (SIUPAL) and liner agency for delivering special cargo, such as heavy equipment and goods with large tonnage capacity. Our services also provide you export and import document proceeding services, export and import custom clearance, and ship chartering with its crew.

We provide you an integrated service, consist of:

  • Special or Project Cargo
    Our subsidiaries serve the delivery of heavy equipment, such as excavators, motor graders, ADTs, generators, trucks, forklifts, dozers, wheel loaders, tandem rollers, dump trucks, bus turbines, communication equipment, satellite satellite antennas, base stations - BTS, elevators, escalator, or iron pipe. We also provide large-capacity cargo shipping such as fertilizer, rice and other cargo that requires heavy equipment to transport it to remote areas.

    Our professional team uses vehicles such as truck loaders, trailer trucks, and ships such as Roro ships, Landing Craft Tanks / LCTs, barges, and also heavy equipment such as cranes to facilitate the loading and unloading process from ships to the dock.

  • Export and Import Document Proceeding Service
    We help your shipping process becomes easier by providing export-import document proceeding services, and representing you during customs inspection, appraisal, payment of customs and excise, and handling cargo shipments and documents from customs to the destination of cargo shipments.

  • Export and Import Custom Clearance Service

  • Ship Chartering
    Our services also include chartering ships and their crew with a short-term travel lease system; medium; and length / time charter, single charter contract system, and contracts based on the amount of volume transported within a certain time period.

  • Liner Agency
    We are a liner agent, appointed by the principal, who has a fixed schedule based on mutual agreement.

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